📰 News

2024-05-06 - Post party

Thank you everyone for participating! You can rewatch the event on Inércia Demoparty twitch, the load zx museum youtube and the demoscene relevant sections at Inércia Demoparty youtube channel. You can also download all the entries and results from scene.org, demozoo and LCDZ.

2024-05-04 - Early documentary is early

Oh noes, seems Rubberkey documentary is a bit lengthier then we expected, so we'll be starting it earlier at 9:30 on Sunday.

2024-05-03 - Ready to livestream

We will stream the event through Inércia Demoparty twitch account and Load ZX Spectrum Museum youtube account. Pick your poison and join us live!

2024-04-22 - Travel and accomodation

Added some information on how to reach the venue by public transports and your options for sleeping over in Cantanhede. You can find the information on the main About page.

2024-04-16 - Timetable

The timetable for the event has been publically released, you can find it here.

2024-04-11 - Workshops

We have added some information about the ZX Spectrum pixel art and ZX Spectrum music workshops we will be offering on the 4th of May. If you're interested in learning from us how to make digital art for this 40 year old machine please read the information and register to attend!

2024-04-07 - Guest Speakers

We have started to publically announce some of the guest speakers we will have present for the event. You can find a list here. More names to be announced in the coming week.

2024-03-18 - Invitation demo released at Forever

We went to Slovakia to attend the Forever 8-bit computers demoparty and released there our invitation demo for Synergy 2024. You can download the .tap here.

2024-03-08 - Demoscene Competitions

Added more information on the demoscene competitions planned for the event. Please check out the rules and start preparing your submissions!

2024-02-24 - Our website is live

Our event website is now live. We'll be adding more information soon.

2024-02-04 - Teaser trailer released